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Skagit County, WA is paradise on earth – just ask any of the more than 120,000 residents who call this place home. Its daffodil and tulip fields burst with color while its gushing rivers and quiet lakes are teeming with Puget Sound salmon.

The real estate market is no less spectacular. From Mid-Century and Ranch-style homes in quiet suburbs to cozy cabins and equestrian estates nestled deep in the valley, buyers are spoilt for choice.

The same goes for sellers who typically receive multiple offers on their prized properties – the spring and summer season typically bring more house hunters to Skagit County.

So how do you stay afloat in an active market like this one? For Jean Groesbeck & The Groesbeck Group, the answer is simple – 5 Star Real Estate Service.

We’re here to join you on this wonderful adventure. And we make good on our promises – we proudly offer a free and confidential real estate consultation to help you get started.

Because hiring a real estate agent is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned property investor, working with an agent will make the complex process of buying and selling a home in Skagit County, WA as painless as possible.

Who we are

Top-producing Realtor Jean Groesbeck leads a formidable team of full-time real estate professionals at The Groesbeck Group. As Managing Broker, Jean takes a hands-on approach to day-to-day operations at our brokerage. With a dedicated group of full-time brokers at your disposal, it’s impossible not to succeed.

Our agents hold themselves to a high standard of excellence. To call our agents a group of overachievers is not an exaggeration. It’s a fact. We believe that we have to be the best agents we can be if we intend to offer quality service.

We cater to buyers and sellers in scenic Skagit Valley. Our service areas include:

Our team has sold hundreds of homes over the years. We specialize in the following property types:

  • Waterfront homes
  • View homes
  • Luxury homes
  • Secondary/vacation homes
  • Condos
  • Vacant land
  • Boat Moorage

Whatever it is that you’re looking for in Anacortes, WA or surrounding areas, you can be sure that our agents are up to the task. We bring you the best properties we can find in the market.

What we do

Because of our commitment to customer service, we offer complimentary home staging consultations. Years of experience have shown us that home staging makes a huge difference in the sale of any home. We go beyond the call of duty by helping you prepare your property for the selling process. The result is fewer days on the market and an increase in the dollar value of your home. We even have our own proprietary guide on Preparing Your Home To Sell for The Highest Price.

Aside from home staging, we are staunch believers in multi-channel and effective marketing. That’s why we use the latest technology to promote your home. As tech-savvy real estate agents, we use social media, virtual tours, MLS, and other tools to gain maximum exposure for your property. We also believe in print marketing so we have custom brochures, postcards, and mailers.

Our team takes a proactive approach to problem-solving. Our substantial experience in real estate in Anacortes, WA and surrounding areas allows us to imagine every possible scenario during the buying and selling process. The gift of foresight and an inclination towards creative, win-win solutions has helped us create positive outcomes for our clients.

Get ready for a 5 Star Real Estate experience? We at The Groesbeck Group are willing to share our knowledge and expertise. Our agents focus on building genuine relationships that go beyond the dollar – which is why we offer free home staging and real estate consultations to all our clients.

Get your free in-home consultation today

Reach out to The Groesbeck Group today to benefit from the services of Anacortes premier real estate brokerage. Your success is ours – nothing tells us that we have done our job quite like a happy and satisfied client. Nothing pleases us more than seeing a client find the perfect home or sell their current one for top dollar.

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You can reach Jean Groesbeck here. You can also message the team at 360.941.3734 and [email protected].