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Home Maintenance Tips for February

Finally after the longest January ever…(at least that’s how it felt) Welcome February!  February is a great month to start Spring cleaning and maintenance of your property. Here are some maintenance tips for your home.

Cold weather is still in the forecast for the Pacific Northwest including more snow so keep an eye on your gutters and roof to avoid ice dams. Also, keep your walkways clear to avoid accidents and inspect your home for any water damage. Sliding doors and windows are especially vulnerable this time of year, check for any broken seals or leaks and repair them now to avoid costly repairs in the future.

This is also a good time of year for pruning fruit trees and shrubs and planning for your Spring garden. You can start growing seeds inside your home to have them ready when Spring comes and plant them in your garden.

If you are planning on painting your home exterior, February is a great time to start shopping for quotes as painters are extremely busy starting Spring and through the Summer months.

Inside your home, check that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working condition and replace the batteries. it is very important to clear your dryer vent. This will reduce the fire hazard caused by lint, increase the dryer’s efficiency and in turn increase its life span.

Start Spring cleaning and maintenance of your property early this year. Your home and your wallet will thank you! It is also a great way to start preparing your home to sell in the Spring. Need help finding local professionals to help with maintenance jobs? Give us a call, we will gladly give you recommendations.