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Close of Escrow

At last closing day is here!

Ideally, sellers and buyers will have signed closing documents in front of a notary a day or two before closing day.

What to expect

Your home is not officially sold (closed) until we receive recording numbers from the County. There are a lot of components to the day of closing:

  • Escrow will have seller and buyer signed documents in their possession.
  • If the sale is financed, escrow will send documents to the lender for final review and approval. If the sale is cash, escrow will confirm that the buyer’s funds have been received.
  • The lender will fund the loan.
  • Escrow will make sure the funds have been received correctly and release the documents to be recorded with the County.
  • Escrow will receive final recording numbers from the County.
  • Congratulations your home is officially sold!