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Estate Planning for Pets

If you are like us, pets are more than pets, they are part of the family, we sometimes even customize our Anacortes homes to make them more pet friendly! We want to enjoy them and give them the best life possible but, have you ever thought about what will happen to your pet when you die? Is there anything you can do now to make sure that your pet will be well taken care of?

Plan Now

The best way to make sure that your pet is cared for is by making formal arrangements now that specifically cover the care of your pet when you die. Work with an attorney to draw up a special will, trust, or other recommended documents to provide for the care and ownership of your pet after your death and if possible, leave money necessary to care for them.

Select a Caregiver

When selecting a caregiver for your pet, consider partners, adult children, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends who have met your pet and have a good connection with each other. You want to make sure your pet is comfortable with that person. Also, it is a good idea to name alternate caregivers in case your first choice becomes unable or unwilling to take your pet when the time comes. Be sure to discuss your expectations with them so they understand the enormous responsibility of caring for your “baby”. Remember, the new owner will have complete control over your pet’s care, so make sure you choose a person you completely trust. Stay in touch with the designated caregiver periodically and also the alternates. Over time, people’s circumstances and priorities change, so you want to make sure that the arrangements you have made continue to work for everyone involved.

Planning for your pet’s future should be an integral part of your estate planning. Your pets can’t take care of themselves, and they rely on you for everything. Be sure to give careful consideration as you think about the best way to provide for their lifetime care even after you are gone.