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Home Projects You Can Do While Sheltering in Place

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One of the beautiful things about home improvement is that you can always do something to elevate your property without stepping outside to buy new items and tools. Here are a couple of do-it-yourself projects you can take on to improve your home as you continue to shelter in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rearrange the furniture

If you are feeling tired of the way your home currently looks, a great way to refresh your abode is to rearrange the furniture. You can opt to remove some items to free up space, or add furniture from other rooms to try a different style.

In addition to being completely free, the change rearranging the furniture brings is not permanent. If, on the next few days or months, you feel that this new arrangement is not meeting your needs and expectations, you can simply rearrange the furniture again.

Moving furniture around, however, can be tiring. As much as possible, be thoughtful about what furniture goes where to save your energy.

Rearrange the bookshelves

If rearranging the furniture is too much work or if it simply is not possible at the time being, an easy way to refresh any space is to re-style the bookshelves.

There are many configurations to try for your bookshelves. A great way to clear your mind is to rearrange the books by alphabetical order. It is up to you if you want to do it based on title or author. If you want to spice up the space, you can experiment by using other items, such as small potted plants or figurines, as bookends.

Another way to add more visual interest to your bookshelves is to arrange the books by the color of their spines. Furthermore, you can stack some of the books instead of arranging all of them the same way.

If you do not have an extensive book collection but want to fill your bookshelves, add other items. In addition to plants, you can add other items you collect, such as vinyls, framed photographs, board games, and other personal belongings.

Take out your favorite dinnerware

Dinnerware is not just for eating and entertaining guests. You can use them to spruce up your dining area as well. And if your kitchen storage has glass panels, you can set them up so that you can see their design through the glass.

Doing so will add a subtle but otherwise appealing change to your kitchen and dining room’s look. Best of all, it is completely free and only requires minimum effort.

Update your wall hangings

Just as with books and furniture, you have the option to re-do the way you have styled your walls. You can go minimal and opt for a single, large statement piece to adorn a certain wall, or go the opposite direction and create a gallery wall using paintings, photographs, and other wall hangings you currently have.

If you have painting materials, you can take on a creative project: make an accent wall. Pick a wall or two in your home. You can paint it one solid color that complements the entire space, or you can go all out and paint a mural.
If you want an accent wall but do not have the art materials nor talent to paint, dig around for extra wallpaper or purchase one you like online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Do you have empty frames and lovely photographs you would like to see more often? Now may be a good time to hang them up your wall as well.

Here are other wall decor ideas that can liven up your home.

Revamp your outdoor living space

Sheltering in place does not mean you have to stay strictly indoors. You can enjoy the sun and some nature in your outdoor living space. Whether you have a large yard, a cozy balcony, or a spacious deck, there are multiple things you can do to create an oasis.

You can start off by cleaning the area. Clear the yard of any debris, such as branches and dead leaves. Clean outdoor furniture appropriately to make them last longer. Throw or repurpose broken pots. Feeling creative? You can also paint on pots to add more color to your yard or balcony.

Take advantage of the pleasant weather. Prune shrubs and plants, and removed unsightly grassy areas. All these will help you improve your property’s curb appeal.

Minor home improvements can boost your home’s value

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