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Virtual real estate services you can expect from your agent


The COVID-19 pandemic might have fast-tracked the transition of real estate transactions to virtual online means. But it can also be argued that online is the direction they were heading anyway. With the ubiquity and accessibility of the internet, computers, and smart mobile devices, the evolution of traditional transactions and processes is inevitable.

As a real estate customer, what can you expect from your agent in this emerging age of virtual home buying? Read on to learn how The Groesbeck Group is equipped to handle your real estate requirements amidst today’s changing business landscape.

Assurance that buying homes is possible via virtual means

Let’s start off with something that is more of a sentiment than a service, but either way an important part of your real estate agent’s job.

For many homebuyers, there is a lot of reluctance and apprehension about going the virtual route exclusively. Part of this may be because of the general feeling of uncertainty and unease resulting from the pandemic. But for some, it may simply be a matter of being unfamiliar with a more modern, yet less face-to-face manner of doing business.

A reliable local real estate agent should be the first to provide you with much needed reassurance that despite these unfamiliar circumstances, real estate transactions can be initiated and completed with confidence—and with everyone’s safety in mind.

If you want to be sure, ask your agent for a document describing their virtual home buying or selling programs and strategies.

Expert use of digital communication technologies

One way homebuyers and sellers can truly feel confident with their agent is when they can see that the agent is familiar and comfortable with modern technology. This can range from their savvy use of their smartphones and social media channels, to in-depth understanding of emerging apps and programs that are perfect for virtual meetings and live home showing videos.

Being handy with tech tools does not necessarily require knowing the most advanced programs and platforms, however. Take creating 3D home tours, for example. While this may be nice to have on your promotional portfolio, it may also be excessive.

Using simple live streaming or video conferencing apps like Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, or Skype may be enough for most users. These are more accessible and appear more authentic than 3D videos.

Guidance on preparing and staging your house for virtual showings

When you are selling your house, you need to put in some effort in preparing your property for the sale. While steps like cleaning up the clutter and depersonalizing living spaces are standard practices for this stage, you can also benefit from your agent’s tips and techniques on how to make your property presentable through the emerging new virtual platforms.

Links to essential professional partners and service providers

Similar to the traditional homebuying or selling processes, several parties need to be involved in your transaction, especially toward closing. You will need to seek the services of professionals like home inspectors, property appraisers, title attorneys, and mortgage lenders. You may also need to hire repairmen or general cleaners to help you make your home sale-ready.

A well-connected agent can refer you to their most trusted partners in your local area. This way, you can easily skip the hassles of sourcing out all these required service providers and enjoy a faster and more straightforward sale or purchase.

Clear and prominent information about all safety measures taken

In the same manner that your agent gives you confidence about your chances of completing a successful real estate transaction, your agent will also put your mind at ease about your safety throughout your virtual home purchase or sale.

Safety, in this sense, applies to a variety of important matters. If you are engaging in a home buy or sale during the pandemic, this means health-related safety measures like disinfecting all surfaces in the home whenever possible, requiring masks, or making handwashing as a necessary part of physical home tours.

Safety can also refer to protecting your identity over the various digital tools and apps that you will use throughout your transaction. Your agent is also responsible for protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of all personal information that you share.

If you are looking for dependable local experts to guide you through your real estate transactions in or around Anacortes, WA, turn to The Groesbeck Group. We will be glad to give you a free real estate consultation to get you on the right track toward a successful home sale or purchase. Contact us today at 360.941.3734 or Info(at)JeanGroesbeck(dotted)com to learn more.