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Why marketing skills are important in a real estate agent

Why marketing skills are important in a real estate agent

In the search for the right real estate agent, a lot of factors go into consideration. How long have they been working in the market? What kind of properties do they specialize in? Do they have special designations, awards, and recognitions? How is their sales experience for the past three to six months? How much have they sold so far?

All this talk deals with numbers and sales, but in order to achieve those impressive results, real estate agents should have other skills as well. They must be adept in negotiation and communication. Furthermore, they need to be experts on marketing.

Yes, marketing. Marketing plays a significant role in selling a home, which is why your real estate agent should have the knack for it. Here are a couple of reasons why marketing skills are important in a real estate agent.

  1. They have a wide network

    Establishing connections and taking care of their network is part of the day-to-day tasks of an experienced real estate agent. It is from this network where they can potentially find a buyer for a home they are selling or an expert contractor they can hire for specialized work.

    Real estate agents meet a variety of people from different places and situations. The important thing here is the follow-through to nurture this network. A real estate agent with marketing skills does this by creating an effective email campaign where they can advertise their current listings and keep in touch with past clients.

  2. They know the importance of a well-designed and functional real estate website

    And as such, they have their own real estate website where they can show their brand, their expertise, and their current listings.

    Most, if not all, home buyers these days begin their search online. A real estate agent with marketing know-how knows this and takes advantage of the situation by having a user- and mobile-friendly website.

    If you are a seller, this real estate website can be one of your platforms to attract prospective buyers. And if you are planning on purchasing a home, you can use the real estate agent’s website to start your home search in a safe and convenient manner, viewing properties from sellers they also represent.

  3. They know how to refine your marketing strategy

    Not all marketing strategies are the same. They cater to different buyer profiles. So, in order to sell your home fast, it is important to have a marketing strategy that speaks to your target market. A real estate agent with considerable aptitude in marketing knows this from the get go.

    When you hire a real estate agent with marketing expertise, you will be able to refine your marketing strategy from the beginning. No time will be wasted. They will lay out steps to take in order to appeal to your target market. This could range from home staging and real estate photography to the right words to use in listing descriptions and other marketing paraphernalia.

  4. They know how to advertise your property in the digital space

    With the majority of home buyers beginning their buying process online, digital marketing is more important than ever. You can be sure that an expert realtor with marketing prowess knows how to use the digital space to your advantage.

    In order to reach a wider audience, they will make relevant social media posts and content. These may include pictures of your property as well as live virtual tours. They may also harness the power of pay-per-click advertising to grab the attention of potential buyers and, eventually, generate leads for your property.

  5. They know what it takes to craft a great virtual tour

    Virtual home tours are becoming the norm in real estate marketing, but not everyone knows how to do it properly. The right real estate agent has probably already dealt with virtual tours in the past. As a result, they know what to do.

    They know how to create an immersive virtual tour experience using the right tools. They know the proper pacing to give each potential buyer time to take in every room and ask questions. They also go to great lengths to make sure they provide all pertinent information about the property, therefore avoiding any miscommunication.

    The right real estate agent also knows how to end a virtual tour: It is with a warm message of thanks and a gentle request for feedback. They know it is important to ask the potential buyer what they liked and didn’t like about the property. This allows them to finetune their marketing approach for that specific buyer.

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