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Top Tips for Selling a House Online

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The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way real estate transactions are done—and this includes home sales. In times like these, the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” certainly holds true.

Sellers and their agents are today harnessing the power of the internet to sell properties even in the midst of a quarantine. Curious as to how we do it? Here are some crucial ​tips for​ successfully ​selling your home​ online:

Online listing sites

The first step to selling your house online is making sure people can find it on the world wide web. Luckily, THE GROESBECK GROUP has premium placing on he most visited sites such as  Zillow, Trulia, or We will market your home across multiple sites to expose it to as many potential buyers as possible.

Great photos

Your home’s photos will provide buyers that crucial first impression. As such, taking high-quality and flattering pictures are paramount. At THE GROESBECK GROUP, we hire the best photographers in the area to make sure your home is presented in the best way possible. Precise angles and the best lighting on every room is key to get the best results.

Videos and 360 house tour

Even if people can’t visit your home in person, you can still give them a feel of what it’s like with a 360 house tour. In a nutshell, these tours use an interactive 360-degree photo or video that lets people virtually “explore” your home. THE GROESBECK GROUP provides 360 tours for all listed properties.

Take buyers on a virtual house tour

For an even more interactive experience, you THE GROESBECK GROUP provides an open house video walkthrough of your property for buyers. We will highlight all the features of your home and walk through every room in the house so buyers can get a feel for the home before making an in-person visit.

Selling a house in Skagit County during a pandemic poses certain challenges, but nothing that technology, preparation, and a great team like THE GROESBECK GROUP can’t overcome.

Need a team that has extensive experience in selling homes online? Our forward-looking and innovative team at ​The Groesbeck Group​ is your ideal partner. Call us at ​360.899.5027 or send an ​e-mail to ​Info(at)JeanGroesbeck(dotted)com to learn more.